interactive Teaching Goals Inventory (iTGI) v. 2.0


The iTGI is designed to be used in conjuction with Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers, 2nd. ed. (Angelo & Cross, 1993). The book helps instructors identify which goals are most important and how they can be assessed.

All of these are worthy goals and will be essential in different classes. The challenge is to identify what is so important TO YOU for THIS PARTICULAR COURSE that you will deliberately design instruction to meet it and aim to measure instructional impact.

You will sort the goals listed in the left column into the following five categories:

You may move goals from one category to another. When you finish sorting the goals, you will see a summary highlighting your top two goal areas.

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Cluster Summary

There are six clusters of goals:

  1. Higher-Order Thinking Skills
  2. Basic Academic Success Skills
  3. Discipline-Specific Knowledge and Skills
  4. Liberal Arts and Academic Values
  5. Work and Career Preparation
  6. Personal Development

All areas are important, but emphasis may differ in students' courses.

Looking at your Essential and Very Important goals, your top two clusters of emphasis are and .

Classroom assessment techniques for include:

    Classroom assessment techniques for include:

      Essential Goals to Teach and Assess

      Very Important Goals to Teach and Maybe Assess

      Important Goals to Maybe Teach

      Unimportant Goals for this Specific Course

      Non-Applicable Goals for this Specific Course