The Urgency of Inclusive Classrooms

The Difficult Conversations CASNR Community of Practice, the CASNR Teaching and Learning Improvement Council (TLIC), and the CASNR Dean’s office have come together to create a 6-week summer discussion series (held via Zoom) around inclusive classrooms in our College. We have a shared goal of creating more space for professional development and dialogue around inclusive classrooms -- those where all students feel welcome, respected, and able to bring their whole selves to the learning environment. This includes interrogating the classroom climate, navigating potential conflict, and challenging topics, expanding content to include more diverse perspectives, and more. The weekly sessions will include presentations, discussions, and story sharing, as well as pre- and post- session reflection questions. Everyone is welcome to join these sessions - students, faculty, staff, and advisors - whatever your “classroom” may look like.

The summer session is intended to be a start of more conversations carrying into the new academic year and will be included in a forthcoming digital badge offering for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

All sessions were conducted summer of 2021.

For questions or accommodations, please contact Andrea Basche at or Kate Brooks at