Canvas Modules for University of Nebraska-Lincoln Faculty

In the Canvas Commons, there are several modules available for UNL faculty to freely import into their courses. Please see the Canvas Guide for importing and viewing Commons content.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries: Research Skills

A virtual learning module intended to introduce students to the scholarly research resources available through the University Libraries.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries: Academic Integrity

Introduction to the principles of academic integrity, how to avoid plagiarism, and free citation management tools.

Canvas 101

Self-paced tutorials for learning Canvas.

Innovative Instructional Design: Attention Matters

Created by Michelle Miller & John Doherty, Northern Arizona University. Designed as a self-contained module that instructors can use in multiple academic disciplines in order to help students develop better attention behaviors. Instructor guide: Adapated for Canvas by Eyde Olson and Steven Cain.

Canvas LMS