Canvas pilot fully underway

Our Canvas pilot is now fully underway. We have 61 teachers teaching 1,700 students this semester, with more teachers asking to be added in the coming days. While many teachers chose to build their Canvas courses from scratch, those who imported content directly from Blackboard found the process to be easier than they expected. Overall feedback, while only anecdotal at this phase, has been positive. Since Jan. 4, teachers have posted nearly 500 discussion topics and over 900 assignments. Faculty have uploaded over 3,000 documents and have created over 362 media recordings. We have integrated our iClicker system, our pilot instances of Echo 360 and Live Text, and our Maple TA testing system into Canvas. We are working daily with faculty to integrate additional apps as needed. To support faculty during the pilot, we are holding weekly open office hours every, and will host monthly hands-on Canvas forums. We have collected quantitative data surrounding student and faculty perceptions of Canvas via a survey that will be made available mid March. We will gather additional qualitative data to contextualize that survey data during the month of April.  For a quick overview of Canvas features, here's a video overview.

Pilot survey results to be discussed Friday, March 18
We will be discussing the survey results at this month's Canvas user group meeting.  Join us from 2-3 pm at the City Campus Union.  Check event kiosks for room number.  

For more information, contact Jeremy Van Hof
Canvas LMS