Pilot: CATME SMARTER Teamwork

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We are conducting a pilot study during the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 terms to decide if UNL should purchase a license for continued use of CATME SMARTER Teamwork tools.  Invitations to participate were sent out on August 7, 2017, but faculty interested in using one or more of the tools in either or both semesters may enroll by contacting Sydney Brown at sbrown3@unl.edu.

If you would simply like to stay abreast of teamwork-related technologies and practices at UNL, please email Sydney Brown at sbrown3@unl.edu. 

 (CATME SMARTER Teamwork overview PDF)

CATME Team-Maker – Algorithmically generates teams, clustering or distributing students based on research-supported variables impacting teamwork as well as custom variables created by instructors. (CATME Team-Maker overview PDF)

CATME Peer Evaluation – A behaviorally-anchored rating system for students to rate their own and their teammates’ teamwork-related behaviors. Students are then automatically commended for high performance, or they are given specific suggestions for improvement. (CATME Peer Evaluation overview PDF)

CATME Rating Calibration – A training system to improve students’ accurate assessment of teamwork behaviors. The teamwork behaviors of members of a fictitious team are presented and students are then asked to rate each member using the Peer Evaluation scale. The system then gives feedback, showing students what they selected as well as the correct rating. (Rater Practice video)

CATME Teamwork Templates – To improve team interaction and meeting effectiveness, CATME provides a Team Charter template and two versions of meeting agenda and minutes templates. (Teamwork Templates information page)

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