Teamwork Community of Practice (TCoP)

We conducted a pilot study during the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 terms to decide if UNL should purchase a license for continued use of CATME SMARTER Teamwork tools. We are now in the second phase of this pilot where we are focusing on how the technology can be best used and ways in which it can be supported for faculty who wish to employ it after the 2019 spring term.


  • Chad Brassil, CAS Teaching Academy Fellow & Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
  • Tawnya Means, Director of the CoB Teaching & Learning Center and College of Business Assistant Dean 
  • Sydney Brown, Assistant Director, Innovative Instructional Design 

Core topics:

  • Why and how we form our teams
  • Self and peer assessment of teamwork
  • Assessing teamwork
  • Value of team & group work
  • Supporting effective group work and teamwork. 
  • Technologies that support teamwork skill development

The TCoP will meet four times during the fall term and will focus on CATME as the supporting technology for teamwork. For more information about the TCoP or to be added to the corresponding Canvas shell and mailing list, please contact Sydney Brown at TCoP schedule below:

Spring 2019 CATME Kick-Off

Thurs, 1/31 from 11:30-12:50 in Manter 402A.

Please join us for an open discussion regarding CATME for Spring 2019. We will answer questions about setting up teams and discuss lessons learned during the fall. We will also share resources provided during CATME training last semester.

This is a brown-bag meeting, so feel free to bring your lunch. Do let us know if you will be able to join us.

RSVP for Kick-Off Brownbag

Past Events

Monday, October 29 - Official in-depth CATME training

City Campus Union Colonial B

Although many of us have been using the tool for a while, learning about how the system is designed to work and about the research that's been done on its effectiveness may help us use it more effectively in our classes.  Part of the 9/28 kick-off will focus on gathering the types of questions and issues we'd like CATME trainer Dan Ferguson to address while he's here. We will also touch base after the Symposium to see what additional questions or areas of focus may have come to attention. 

Friday, December 7 - Lessons Learned, Next Steps, & Future Needs

A discussion of lessons learned during the fall term as well as issues to be explored in the spring term. 

For more information about the TCoP or to be added to the corresponding Canvas shell and mailing list, please contact Sydney Brown at

For more information about CATME, keep reading.

(CATME SMARTER Teamwork overview PDF)

CATME Team-Maker – Algorithmically generates teams, clustering or distributing students based on research-supported variables impacting teamwork as well as custom variables created by instructors. (CATME Team-Maker overview PDF)

CATME Peer Evaluation – A behaviorally-anchored rating system for students to rate their own and their teammates’ teamwork-related behaviors. Students are then automatically commended for high performance, or they are given specific suggestions for improvement. (CATME Peer Evaluation overview PDF)

CATME Rating Calibration – A training system to improve students’ accurate assessment of teamwork behaviors. The teamwork behaviors of members of a fictitious team are presented and students are then asked to rate each member using the Peer Evaluation scale. The system then gives feedback, showing students what they selected as well as the correct rating. (Rater Practice video)

CATME Teamwork Templates – To improve team interaction and meeting effectiveness, CATME provides a Team Charter template and two versions of meeting agenda and minutes templates. (Teamwork Templates information page)

Friday, September 28, 11:30-12:30 - TCoP Kick-off

CoB room 306 and needs gathering around teamwork and the tools we currently use as part of teaching teamwork skills. The kick-off will be held at CoB from 11:30-12:30 as a brown bag lunch. However, Tawnya Means and CoB have graciously secured cookies for dessert.

Session Notes

Friday, October 19, 10:00 - 11:00 - Coffee with Peggy Brickman in the City Campus Union Georgian Room 

Download Brickman's Group Work Guide

Brickman is the keynote speaker for the Fall Teaching & Learning Symposium. Her current research examines the role of group interactions in promoting self-regulated learning in large enrollment courses and the role of feedback provided to faculty who are developing and implementing active learning. 

Brickman was instrumental in developing this Evidence-Based Teaching Guide on Group Work. The guide provides research supporting each aspect of using groups in the classroom along with best practices.  (link to guide: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.  )

 Wilson, K. J., Brickman, P., & Brame, C. J. (2018). Group Work. CBE—Life Sciences Education, 17(1), fe1.  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. 

Brickman Citations on Google Scholar: