Accessibility and UDL Instructor Resource

The Center for Transformative Teaching (CTT) in collaboration with the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), Instructional Technology Services (ITS), and Institutional Equity and Compliance (IEC) units prepared this resource for instructors. The information within provides guidance that will help instructors improve access to courses and course materials, plan and (re)design courses as well as interactions to meet the needs of diverse learners.

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Providing Accommodations

If you have received an accommodation plan and need to make your course materials such as documents (Microsoft, PDF, Google), Canvas Pages, videos, and other resources accessible, the Providing Accommodations resource will provide guidance on how to modify them.

Making your Course Materials More Accessible

The Making your Course Materials More Accessible resource will help you improve the accessibility of your course materials. Accessibility is about designing or structuring an environment for maximum usability. For course materials, this means designing or preparing them in ways that everyone can use them including students using assistive technology like a screen reader. Making material accessible does not have to wait until you are notified to do so by the SSD office. We encourage you to be proactive about accessibility because it promotes inclusive excellence in our classrooms.

Advancing your Teaching with Universal Design for Learning

If you are ready to take a more comprehensive approach to make your course more accessible, then please review the Advancing your Teaching with UDL resource. This resource introduces instructors to the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework, provides examples of UDL in the classroom here at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and offers guidance on how to plan your courses with UDL in mind. This design approach will benefit all students, reduce the need for specific accommodations for students with disabilities through a proactive approach to accessibility, and make your classroom more inclusive. Implementing UDL into your course(s) does not require a complete redesign of the course and its content. Rather, there are strategies and approaches you can use to start weaving UDL into your classes. This resource provides an overview of the three foundational principles of UDL and guidance on how to apply these in your courses.

Instructor Support

There are many departments on campus available to support faculty with making courses and materials more accessible and designing courses, materials, and experiences that promote inclusivity. Visit this Instructor Support page for more information to learn more about each unit.