January Round Up

With a new year comes new opportunities to learn and grow. To inspire such a process the Center for Transformative Teaching is excited to announce the creation of the Aspirational Teaching Institute, a semester-long program that will tackle teaching challenges.


Topics for the institute will change with each semester with this first institute focusing on Striving for Student Success in Gateway Courses. Participants will join the instructional designers from the CTT, along with guest speakers, to discuss personal experiences and gain feedback and support.


Those interested in attending can sign up to attend the full institute, visit a few of the sessions, or request resources. To learn more about the institute, please visit the ATI landing page.

The CTT has the following workshops coming up in January:

In collaboration with university faculty members Dave Gosselin and Katherine Nashleanas, the CTT will also be involved with the Infusion of Sustainability and Resilience into Curriculum program. The primary outcome of the program will be an activity, unit, or module that incorporates sustainability and DEI competencies into a discipline-specific current course plan during the Academic Year 2022-2023. Another important outcome will be the expansion of a community of faculty who have knowledge and awareness of sustainability and resilience that can be shared with others.


Those interested in the program have until Saturday, January 22 to register. Further information can be found at the workshop information page.

For more information on CTT news and resources, along with information on upcoming events, follow the CTT on Twitter or visit teaching.unl.edu.


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