"Keep Teaching" Mini-Course Registration


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Effectively shifting gears to remote teaching calls on all of us not just to solve our own problems, but to connect with our peers and collaborate in addressing the unique challenges so many are facing during the shift to remote teaching. In response to instructor inquiries, the Center for Transformative Teaching is offering a one-week mini-course to take instructors through some of the more common issues and collaboratively address the more unique challenges.

The course will take place during the week of spring break (March 23-27). Each day of this course will focus on a key principle, help you prepare plans to facilitate a smooth transition, and encourage empathetic teaching practices. All assignments are directly applicable in your course(s). Participants will be encouraged to share what they are working on and explore how others are approaching similar challenges. Effective practices will be modeled throughout the week.

There will be no face-to-face components to this course, and no required synchronous activity, but there will be an optional, half-hour, Zoom-based "Coffee Chat" session at 9:30 Central time each morning to start off the day and address some of your questions.

Daily Topics

  • Monday, March 23: Communication
  • Tuesday, March 24: Organization
  • Wednesday, March 25: Delivering Content
  • Thursday, March 26: Fostering Engagement
  • Friday, March 27: Assessing Learning

The resources provided on the COVID-19 Website and the Keep Teaching Website can help many of you work through many challenges, but there are some aspects of this change that require unique creativity. Even when we're working remotely, every person and every interaction matters. While we practice physical distancing, we still want to highlight (and exemplify in this course) that none of you are alone in your efforts. Even if you have your remote teaching plan identified, please join us and chime in on the discussion boards so that we can address these challenges together (even when we're apart).

Monday, March 23, 2020