Give Light Board a Try

Edited 8/22/2017: Product name change. "Learning Glass" changed to "Light Board."

The Learning and Emerging Technologies team has designed and built a Light Board (formerly Learning Glass) for classroom and online use. This is a clear glass board that uses LED lights and neon markers to make a face-to-face interactive presentation platform for faculty to use for recordings and in-class lectures. The image is digitally flipped so the writing does not appear reversed.

Light Board - This is a new teaching device that allows the instructor to face the students while writing on a transparent glass board. It will be available this summer to look at and try out in the Hub OBS. You can book time on it through Brad Severa at or call 472-0606.

This is a prototype build and we will be loaning it out to faculty who would like to use it either in-class or in their department during the 2017 fall and 2018 spring semesters. We will be asking instructors who use the Light Board what they like and what they would like to have added or modified as a guide for future Light Board modifications and builds.

The Light Board is currently in the Henzlik Hub One Button Studio, you can reserve a time for a demo or use by contacting Brad Severa at or call at 472-0606.

See it in action in this video:

For more information about using Light Board, Contact Brad Severa at or call at 402-472-0606