Building Relationships

Pause Principle

A simple method of making traditional lectures into more efficient learning opportunities by incorporating well timed pauses in the lecture.

Students attend international conference

Christine Kiewra broadens students’ perspectives on early childhood education with an international community

Use Yellowdig to Build Community

Jennifer Davidson facilitates learning with Yellowdig as students share connections between the course content and the world around them.

Welcoming Online Students

Learn the benefits of using a welcome video for an online class to kick-start a great learning partnership.

Strengthening human connection to improve online learning

A recent study found that the quality of interpersonal interactions was predictive of student grades.

Seminar creates community, better teachers

Dr. Josh Brummer and undergraduate learning assistants engaged in a semester-long course aimed at improving their understanding of effective teaching

Humanizing Your Course: Creating an Inclusive Classroom with a "Liquid Syllabus"

The liquid syllabus is designed to "tell" students, that I, as their instructor, am excited to be a partner with them in their learning.

Teaching Strategies that Increase Instructor-Student Connection

7-9-20 Participants were challenged to consider pedagogical methods to enhance the learning environment, and to partner with students to empower learning.

Learning Communities

Philosophies, strategies, and technologies involved in teaching & learning can all evolve over time. Instructor learning communities provide an avenue to explore and discuss these timely topics.