Classroom Management

Finding and Implementing OERs

11-2-21 This workshop was beneficial for instructors interested in alternatives to or supplements for current textbooks.

Providing Essential Student Resources in a Robust Orientation Module

Center for Transformative Teaching Instructional Designer, Eyde Olson, explains the creation of an orientation module to help with courses.

Impacts of Cognitive Load on Student Learning

This video explains aspects of course design that can contribute to cognitive overload as well as simple things instructors can do to reduce the cognitive load of their students.

Using analytics to gain insights into student engagement

In this article, we’ll look at the tools in Canvas, VidGrid, and Zoom that can give you some insights into student engagement and metrics.

Strategies for Faculty Efficiency: Grading and Time Management

7-31-20 Participants learned how to decrease time spent on grading such as developing useful rubrics and keeping a list of frequent comments.

Supporting Students: A Roundtable

7-28-20 This roundtable discussion invited instructors to interact with the leaders of several different centers across the university.