Course-Specific Strategies

Moving Forward with Equity

account-group-1(users)7-17-21 Participants examined courses from before and during the pandemic to identify the strongest aspects of each.

Scaffold final projects to improve learning

Learned from featured instructor Leah Sandall about how to use the scaffolding technique in teaching

Seminar creates community, better teachers

Dr. Josh Brummer and undergraduate learning assistants engaged in a semester-long course aimed at improving their understanding of effective teaching

Using Movie Analysis to Promote Inclusive Learning

Learn how to assign movies along with academic texts/readings to promote inclusive learning

Exercising Empathy and Social Research Practices

Exercising Empathy helps students do away with the self-centric bias” that often creates a pre-set rhetorical agenda.

Engaging Students Through Art

12-1-20 Faculty learned about the Sheldon Museum of Art and how to incorporate art and/or the museum to further teaching goals.

Pivot Game

7-8-20 This workshop required attendees to rethink existing learning activities from their own in-person teaching.

Brassil uses new methods and tools for teaching students online

Chad Brassil is rising to the occasion when it comes to remote instruction with a little help from YouTube, the CTT and a learning glass.

Using a Storyboard to Understand Processes

This is a teaching strategy that uses storyboarding to help students understand decision-making processes