Quizzes and Exams

Using Repeated Practice

Learn how repetition can help students master the basics with featured instructor Rebecca Roston.

More Reps for Better Learning

In Psychology 350, Research Methods & Data Analysis, Professor Cal Garbin makes extensive use of large question banks to provide opportunities for his students to do enough "reps," or practice, that they develop the skills and knowledge needed to approach course assessments with confidence. Garbin’s approach combines many assignment exercises with strategic proctored testing.

Proctoring Decision Tree

Considering proctoring exams? Use this helpful decision tree to find the best method to use with your class.

Assessment Techniques

Knute Broady Collection: Ideas for Assessment Techniques.

Assessing Student Learning

Assessing student's learning involves asking what do your students need to know or be able to do? and What would be the best evidence of progress?