Student Engagement

Interactive Lecture: Small Changes for Improved Engagement and Learning

Educational research has shown that students retain more course content when active learning techniques are correctly implemented in college courses.

Huskers showcase research, innovation at international conference

Over three dozen undergraduate, University of Nebraska-Lincoln students participated in the International Conference for Undergraduate Research.

Seminar creates community, better teachers

Dr. Josh Brummer and undergraduate learning assistants engaged in a semester-long course aimed at improving their understanding of effective teaching

Flip or Lecture: where's the evidence?

The public lecture has been out of fashion in higher education pedagogy for some time. And there seems to me to be a good reason for this.

Using Movie Analysis to Promote Inclusive Learning

Learn how to assign movies along with academic texts/readings to promote inclusive learning

Exercising Empathy and Social Research Practices

Exercising Empathy helps students do away with the self-centric bias” that often creates a pre-set rhetorical agenda.

Using analytics to gain insights into student engagement

In this article, we’ll look at the tools in Canvas, VidGrid, and Zoom that can give you some insights into student engagement and metrics.

Director's Update for July 2020

All of us at the Center for Transformative Teaching are proud to have had the opportunity to support the hundreds of instructors

Teaching Strategies that Increase Instructor-Student Connection

7-9-20 Participants were challenged to consider pedagogical methods to enhance the learning environment, and to partner with students to empower learning.

Brassil uses new methods and tools for teaching students online

Chad Brassil is rising to the occasion when it comes to remote instruction with a little help from YouTube, the CTT and a learning glass.

Planning for the first week of classes

This resource page aims to help faculty prepare for the first week of classes.

Small Teaching Strategies

Small teaching strategies are little things that can have a big impact. University faculty present a variety of techniques they use in 5-minute speed sessions.

Engaging Students Through Art

Looking at, discussing, and analyzing works of art helps students in all fields apply concepts they are learning in the classroom

Using the IGNITE Presentation Format to Jump Start a Class

Slides are advancing quickly and automatically which forces speakers to be far more concise and thoughtful than they would be in any other format.

Student Engagement

Engaging students increases students' psychological investment in their own learning and retention leading to increased learning outcomes

Presentation Style

One of the best ways an instructor can engage their students is by modifying their presentation style

ICUR 2021

For the second year, UNL participated in the International Conference for Undergraduate Research with over three dozen students presenting via live stream or showcasing poster sessions.

Student Participation

It is important to have an environment that encourages students to engage with the content.

Additional Materials

TEDx Talks can be an excellent way to see other people engage their students

Techniques for Large Enrollment

Large enrollment courses and lectures can be challenging when it comes to creating a welcoming learning environment that promotes student engagement.

Fresh Voices on Student Engagement

The Fresh Voices sections of the Knute Broady Collection aim to highlight recent publications and the work of emerging scholars