Pilot: ilos - a new ADA compliant video capture service

The name of the service is ilos and that lower case "i" is no accident but it’s not the only way the company sets itself apart from others in the field. ilos is much like Techsmith Relay our current video capture and hosting service but features some very useful improvements.

With ilos users may:

  • Edit videos in their library after it has been uploaded
  • Add a “blur” effect in editing mode to hide unwanted areas
  • Replace videos with updated versions without having to change the URL or embed code
  • Resize or remove the video window even as you record
  • Choose the area of the screen they want to capture
  • Better manage permissions for specific groups
  • Full service 99% ADA compliant closed captioning completed by real people at ilos not by you

 All of these are great new features but the ADA closed captioning is a real development among video capture and hosting services allowing everyone at UN to create ADA compliant videos without having to spend the time to do it themselves. ilos even understands specialized terms such as Latin medical or legal vocabulary.

The Learning and Educational Technologies group is offering up to 100 users the chance to try ilos out right now in a pilot that will last through Fall 2017. 

If you are interested in trying out the service please contact Donald Robertson at donald.robertson@unl.edu to get started. For more information about ilos, visit the web site

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