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Recognition in the RPP is provided on an annual basis for participation and reflection. There are two program levels: Reflective Practitioner and CTT Ambassador. Reflective Practitioners complete reflective activities included in the Reflective Practitioner Passport (part of the Teaching Planner) to gain recognition. CTT Ambassadors are established instructors who want to take a more active role in encouraging reflective teaching across the campus. The following constitutes the specific prerequisites and annual requirements for each level of the program.

Teaching Planner CoverReflective Practitioner Details

Instructors wanting recognition for their teaching development activities can complete reflective activities in the Reflective Practitioner Passport (a portion of the CTT Teaching Planner). Participants will reflect on the efficacy of their teaching, and gain exposure to a variety of teaching strategies selected from the resources available at the university.

Annual Requirements

  • Attend two teaching and learning related workshops.
  • Meet  once a semester with a  teaching partner from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln  to discuss personal teaching development.
  • Participate in a CTT Learning Community.
  • Participate in a teaching observation.
  • Implement and reflect on two new teaching strategies.
  • Write general reflections on your teaching at the start and end of the academic year as a personal inventory of your development.

CTT Ambassador Details

For instructors who have a well-developed sense of their approach to teaching and its efficacy, we invite you to join the Reflective Practitioner Program as a CTT Ambassador. Instead of broadening general pedagogical knowledge, participants serving as Ambassadors will be expected to share their expertise with other educators across the university.


Annual Requirements

Going Beyond

If you're particularly passionate about engaging further in advanced teaching practices, and research on teaching at learning, we encourage you to connect with the CTT's developing efforts to support Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at UNL. If you're interested you can email Eric French for additional information.