ICUR 2021 Schedule

The International Conference for Undergraduate Research (ICUR) has concluded for the 2021 year. Our team wants to congratulate all the students for their marvelous presentations. Interested in presenting next year? Message Molly Mayhew at

Monday, September 27

Behavioral Science and Social Systems

Sydney Houser, Junior

  • Reward-enhancement by the Smoking Cessation Drug Varenicline and its Interaction with Cotinine, the Primary Metabolite of Nicotine

Amy Hruby, Junior

  • Co-regulation of Cortisol and Salivary Alpha-amylase by Preschoolers and their Parents

Global Challenges of the Coming Decade

Luke Freyhof & Dilziba Kizghin, Juniors

  • The Effect of Zika Virus Peptide and how it can be used to Treat and Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Anjaneshwar Ganesan, Junior

  • Comparison of Computational Ghost Imaging to Regular Imaging Techniques

Tuesday, September 28

Health and Welfare

Mark Iradukunda, Senior

  • Influence of Fertilizer Rate on Swollen Stem Formation (“Bulbing”) and Vitamin C Content in Different Kohlrabi Cultivars

Laurene Lee, Senior

  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Welfare: GDP and Unemployment Analysis

Dignite Fabrice Ngango, Senior

  • Screening a Functional Library of Compounds against novel proteins using FAST-NMR


Kaitlyn Dozler, Senior

  • Evaluating the spatial ecology of white-tailed deer during the rifle hunting season in south-central Nebraska

Aime Christian Tuyishime, Senior

  • Artificial Intelligence in the Introduction of Cover Crops in Africa to Regenerate Soil

Science and Social Systems

Olivia Book & Carly Johnson, Seniors

  • Studying the likelihood of people of who stutter being at greater risk of mental health outcomes: A Meta-Analysis

Interdisciplinary Sustainable Practices

Ally Barry, Sophomore

  • Changes in Precipitation Across the Great Plains Using a Regional Climate Model

Himani Patel, Junior

  • Investigating the interplay of genetics and thermal stress on energy metabolism in invasive mollusk, the New Zealand mud snail Potamopyrgus antipodarum

Health and Wellbeing

Noha Algahimi, Senior

  • Gene Expression Analysis of Preeclampsia

Madeline Holland, Senior

  • Fostering Responsive Feeding Practices in the Family Childcare Home Setting through EAT Family Style

Food, Water and the Environment

Katie Bathke, Sophomore

  • The Biological Control of Bacterial Leaf Streak of Corn using Bacillus Subtilis and Bacillus Pumilus

Skyler Gubbels, Senior

  • Distribution, Intensity, and Pathogenicity of Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases in Nebraska, USA

Alexus Hansen, Senior

  • Effects of natural and anthropogenic high-salt environments on the common milkweed Asclepias syriaca

Elizabeth Schousek, Senior

  • Falcarindiol and Its Effectiveness as an Antifungal Agent

Social Change and Health

Sukaina Al-Hamedi, Sophomore

  • Understanding Colonization Dynamics of E. coli in Response to a Dietary Fiber Intervention for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Theresa Guss, Senior

  • Using an Artificial Neural Network to Determine the Degradation of Acetaldehyde in a Bioscrubber
Wednesday, September 29

Gender and Social Inequality

Lizzy Lavin, Senior

  • Impact of Campus Community Support on Student Survivors

Daniel Nguyen, Junior

  • The Impact of the Intersectionality of Race/Ethnicity and LGBTQ+ Identity on Well-Being

Health and Wellbeing

Sarah Altman, Junior

  • Utilizing Galvanotactic Assays for the Mechanical Separation of Metastatic Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Evelyn Estrada Gonzalez, Senior

  • Parent-child interaction and parenting efficacy: Investigating Support Strategies used by Teachers During Family Home Visits

Behavioral Science and Social Systems

Clarice Santos, Senior

  • Differences in Positive and Negative Affect among rural Persons Who Inject Drugs (PWID) in Puerto Rico who are in and out of Treatment.

Jessica Stump, Sophomore

  • Examining the Impact of Political Identification and Morality on Compliance with COVID-19 Public Health Recommendations

Poster Presentations

  • Elise Ackerman, Senior
  • Kinga Aletto, Senior
  • Hailey Anderson, Sophomore
  • Xuan Le, Senior
  • Joshua Magee, Senior
  • Ngoc Pham Thien Thao, Senior
  • Juan Silva, Freshman
  • Elinor Stanley, Sophomore
  • Andromede Uwase, Senior
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