Examples of SoTL at UNL

Though not everyone is required to actively participate and contribute to SoTL, it can be beneficial to keep up with SoTL studies to maintain a better understanding of learning and teaching points across both disciplines and institutions. However, as with other forms of scholarship, SoTL is most valuable as it is built over time and answers important questions and challenges facing academia. Because of this, it's necessary that scholars across all disciplines are actively engaging and contributing to SoTL so the academic community is armed with the most comprehensive information to assist in providing the best education possible to students (Pace 2004). For a resource describing SoTL projects, consider Elon University's SoTL examples video. However, UNL faculty also contribute to the SoTL conversation. Here are some examples:


Pace, David. (2004). "The Amateur in the Operating Room: History and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.American Historical Review, 109, 1171-1192.