2022-2023 Teaching Planner

Teaching Planner Cover

Welcome to your 2022-2023 Teaching Planner!

In this planner you can organize some of your teaching related responsibilities, debrief on classroom experiences with an eye toward iteration, journal on your own professional development experiences, and note any questions you might have about teaching throughout the year.

You’ll also find a number of blue pages at the end of this planner. These pages are what we’re calling the Reflective Practitioner Passport. We have created the passport to allow you to easily manage and record your professional development in teaching and learning, and so that we can celebrate that work.

Completing the passport serves as completion of the foundational level of the Reflective Practitioner Program (RPP), which allows you to demonstrate to your departments during the review process that you are committed to continual improvement in your teaching. In addition, a validated passport will earn you a certificate of completion and the title of Reflective Practitioner.

In order to have your work recognized you can present your completed passport to any member of the Center for Transformative Teaching for validation. They’ll record the information, return the passport to you and, if you’d like, provide you with a digital copy to share with your departmental leadership.

If you did not receive a Teaching Planner and would prefer a physical copy you can request one via email to ctt@unl.edu.

Good luck and a happy teaching and learning journey!

Nicholas Monk

Director, Center for Transformative Teaching

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