Teaching Strategies that Increase Instructor-Student Connection

July 9, 2020 | July Workshop Series

This fall, instructors and students will experience a learning context unlike any they have encountered before. The extent to which faculty practice and envision care, empathy, and leadership can help ameliorate these challenges. The purpose of this session was to enable faculty to consider pedagogical methods to enhance the learning environment, and to partner with students to empower their learning.

This session explained techniques that were initially developed and applied to improve student learning and performance. These same techniques also increase comprehensive communication between students and instructors about the content, process, learning, and evaluation of the course material.


  • Introduce, execute, and reintroduce strategies​
  • Proactive Strategies (JITT)
  • Combination (Minute Papers)​
  • Retroactive (Material Feedback)​

Post-Workshop Archive

Workshop Presentation

Handout: Just In Time Teaching 

Handout: Minute Paper 

Handout: Providing Material Feedback 

Handout: Barely Late Teaching 

Handout: Making a Canvas FAQ 

Workshop Recording