10/11 News features UNL teaching innovation

Redesigning a course with plenty of time can be difficult enough, but doing so in a time crunch becomes even more challenging.

This summer, instructors at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln got an idea of what the fall semester may look like as many courses will be taught in a flexible hybrid format where students may participate in the course online or in-person.

To help with the transition, the Center for Transformative Teaching is offering workshops and guidance to instructors on how they can make their classrooms more flexible.

“We’re going to have students that, for whatever reason, are not able to be in real-time part of the class and so how do we design our materials in such a way that they still get the same experience,” Amy Ort, Instructional Designer for the Center for Transformative Teaching, said.

Chad Brassil, instructor of biological sciences, taught a class over the summer using Zoom and has a bright outlook on what instructors could take away from the fall semester.

“The hope is that through all the angst and agony of adjusting to a COVID world of education, we’ll be better educators,” Brassil said. “We’ll take those lessons that we learned out of this, and we’ll hang on to those good ones, and we’ll incorporate them back into our educational courses in a post COVID world.”

To learn more about teaching online or using a flexible hybrid approach, please visit the Center for Transformative Teaching.