Canvas LMS

Active Learning Online: Effective online communication - Muddiest Point

Use the "muddiest point" technique to gain insight to your students' learning and provide targeted instruction.

Active Learning Online: Post-lecture Quizzes

Use quizzes to bust the fluency illusion and give timely feedback.

Assessment Techniques

Knute Broady Collection: Ideas for Assessment Techniques.

Course Structure and Organization

Learn the basics of Canvas such as organizing lesson plans and communicating with students

Experiential Learning Log

The experiential learning log leverages Canvas and pedagogically sound teaching to create personalized learning combined with repeated reflection.

Fostering Engagement and Community

In an online course, it is easy for students to feel isolated. They are, in most cases, physically isolated from their peers, so intentional community-building is necessary to help counter feelings of remoteness.

Integrating Technology

Knute Broady Collection: Ideas for Integrating Technology.

Key Resources for Fall 2020

As faculty prepare for their courses, the following resources may be of interest - each resource page has links to more related resources.

Scheduling face-to-face & online sessions using Canvas Scheduler

Instructors need a good way to know who will be online or in the classroom. One tool that addresses this problem rather neatly is the Canvas Calendar.

Techniques for Large Enrollment

Large enrollment courses and lectures can be challenging when it comes to creating a welcoming learning environment that promotes student engagement.