Writing applications

This includes any application that helps with writing, such as Grammarly or similar applications. 

Using Grammarly to Improve Student Writing

Photo: Steven CainSteven Cain, scain@unl.edu, is an instructional designer in the College of Business Administration and has recently been part of a large-enrollment course design project focused on business writing. 

This fall, the College of Business Administration is running its first semester of a new writing course. A predominant focus of the course is enhancing the organization and presentation of ideas in student writing. The inherent challenge that came along with this course was how to help students ensure their first drafts were free of grammatical errors and ready for instructor review. Enter Grammarly, the super-powered grammar-checking software.

Writing applications
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Giving students new options: Using a blended mode and peer review in a large enrollment undergraduate writing course

Messersmith Photoby Sydney Brown, Assistant Director, Innovative Instructional Design

Lead instructor Amber Messersmith delivers lectures, plans assignments and coordinates a cadre of recitation instructors for BSAD 220 Business Writing, a large enrollment course with 400-500 sophomore students. The course, launched in Fall, 2016, is the foundation for writing across the College of Business Administration curriculum. 

Using Grammarly to Improve Student Writing*

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