UNL Funds New OER Cohort

The winners of the 2020-21 Open Educational Resource grants funded by the Center for Transformational Teaching have been announced. Winners come from across the institution and have in common a commitment to reducing costs and increasing access for students.

The third CTT Open Educational Resource grant winners are:

  • Congrui Jin, Civil and Environmental Engineering, $4,000
  • Taylor Livingston, Anthropology (School of Global Integrative Sciences), $8,000
  • Jill Martin, College of Journalism and Mass Communications, $4,000
  • Gina Matkin, Agricultural Leadership, Education, & Communication, $4,000
  • Brian Moore, Glenn Korff School of Music, $8,000
  • Sabine Zempleni, Nutrition and Health Sciences, $7,940

The grants are just one among a number of ways that instructors can reduce costs for students. Even though the traditional Bookstore textbook order deadline has passed instructors may still, for example, order Inclusive Access digital texts through the end of May. Email Jennifer Baack, Textbook Department, jbaack2@unl.edu, or Linda Green, Course Materials Manager, lgreen3@unl.edu to ask about Inclusive Access.

Inclusive Access is a program that offers up to 80% discounts on textbook costs for students at the university. This program delivers digital texts directly in Canvas, and textbooks are available on day one of the course to all students. You may be able to save students money by ordering through this program. Most textbooks and courseware you are already using through the Campus Bookstore can be made available in this program at reduced prices.

Any student can opt out of this program before the last day to drop the course and receive a full refund. Over 95% of students in these courses do not opt out due to the reduced cost of textbooks in this program.

If you have questions about other affordable content programs offered through these initiatives you can contact Brad Severa at 472-0606 or email bsevera@nebraska.edu

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