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AI Exchange is a blog modeled on an open access journal aiming to support discussion at UNL about the use of AI in teaching and education. It will contain articles, essays, tutorials, along with any feedback, e.g., “letters to the editors” in response to any of the postings.

We hope that readers and writers will find and share ways to use AI for the benefit of their students and themselves.


Moderated comments may be posted in response to blog articles, however, if a longer response is appropriate, please consider submitting a full blog post. If the article responds to other already posted articles, those will be linked to if the links are included in the submission. To submit a blog article, please email the article with any additional information needed, to with the subject “AI Exchange: blog article”.

ChatGPT as a Feedback Assistant

This fall, Brian Wilson tested ChatGPT4 as a feedback assistant. He equipped it with his rubric and found it helped him give the kind of robust feedback he always aspires to but doesn’t always achieve because of the number of students. During the AI Learning Community, he presented his process and outlined the challenges and benefits.

Crafting Rubrics and Resources with Generative A.I.

This tutorial illustrates how to use prompts in sequence to create helpful resources such as rubrics and tabular data.

Questions Around the Ethical Use of AI in the Classroom

For anyone considering asking students to use generative AI as a required part of a course, it is vital to consider what such experimentation actually means for students and for the companies that offer access to these technologies.