Quick Tips

Quick Tips

These articles showcase quick tips for improving teaching -- from pedagogical techniques to using technology effectively. For more information or how you might use them in your course, contact us.

Small Teaching Strategies

Small Strategies book cover: teal color with title of Small Teaching in a centered white circle.
Small teaching strategies are little things that can have a big impact on learning. UNL faculty present a variety of techniques they use in 5-minute speed sessions at Teaching & Learning symposia.

Online Discussions Doctor: Remedies for 8 Ailments

Decorative partial screen capture of the tool.
This interactive presentation helps instructors diagnose and treat a variety of common ailments that frequently undermine online discussions.

Using text expansion tools to enrich feedback

Feedback is essential to student learning. In this video, Brian Wilson, an instructional designer who also teaches online, demonstrates how he uses PhraseExpress to build a database of comments and references to support resources and then quickly inserts them with a few keystrokes.

HORT 212 Plant Mapping Project

Decorative. Screen capture of location map.
Groups of students captured the coordinates of their designated plants and a tool called AwesomeTable was used to make this searchable plant database.

Using Grammarly to Improve Student Writing

The free version of the software will check for 150 common grammar and spelling errors. The premium version of the software includes checks for an additional 100 grammatical errors in addition to vocabulary and style suggestions. Grammary also provides explanations as to why writers should consider changes.

Mapping Learning Goals to Assessment Techniques Using the ITGI Tool

Cover of Classroom Assessment Techniques book.
The Interactive Teaching Goals Inventory tool provides instructors with a valuable resource to align their learning goals with various assessment techniques. Developed using Angelo & Cross's (1993) paper-based inventory, the tool prompts instructors to rate learning goals on five levels from essential to teach and assess to not important to teach or assess.