Quick Tips

Quick Tips

These articles showcase quick tips for improving teaching - from pedagogical techniques to using technology effectively.

Teaching with Technology Tip Sheet

Browse our weekly IT Tips which focus on academic technology services including Zoom, VidGrid, Canvas, the Digital Learning Center, EvaluationKit, and iClickers.

Delivering Inclusive Presentations

When developing and delivering a presentation, it is important to think inclusively about the diverse people that will be in your audience.

Syllabus Review Guide for Equity-Minded Practice

In order to develop a course mindful of equity, consider revamping the course syllabus.

Cultivating an inclusive classroom environment

This tipsheet is the first of a series designed to provide simple, generally applicable, tips on specific topics to enhance the inclusiveness of your courses

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy Tips

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy requires having an awareness of our students’ experiences and the effects of those experiences on students’ ability to learn.

Using analytics to gain insights into student engagement

In this article, we’ll look at the tools in Canvas, VidGrid, and Zoom that can give you some insights into student engagement and metrics.

Small Teaching Strategies

Small teaching strategies are little things that can have a big impact. University faculty present a variety of techniques they use in 5-minute speed sessions.

Online Discussions Doctor: Remedies for 8 Ailments

This interactive presentation helps instructors diagnose and treat a variety of common ailments that frequently undermine online discussions.

Give Light Board a Try

The Learning and Emerging Technologies team designed and built a Light Board to make a face-to-face presentation platform to use for recordings and lectures

Using text expansion tools to enrich feedback

Brian Wilson demonstrates how he uses PhraseExpress to build a database of comments

Improving outreach and supporting data-driven decisions with Airtable

The Instructional Designers at the university provide support for instruction in many forms and Airtable has been an invaluable resource as a CRM database.

Using Grammarly to Improve Student Writing

The free version of the software will check for 150 common grammar and spelling errors.