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Center for Transformative Teaching

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Jemalyn Griffin teaches ADPR 221 - Strategic Writing for Advertising and Public Relations.

Linguistic Justice and You: Revising Course Materials Through an Inclusive Framework

Feb 27 | This workshop will highlight key considerations for instructors developing equitable and achievable writing assignments.
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Sarah Rose Cavanagh to Speak on Mental Health

Mar 1 | Cavanagh will speak to the University of Nebraska regarding the role instructors play in addressing mental health challenges faced by our students. She proposes an educational approach focused on holding students accountable for rising to authentic challenges during their educational process and doing so compassionately, with their development as a key motivator.
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Why Structural Change is Needed in Intro STEM Courses

Mar 7 | University of Michigan’s Tim McKay will review research, including new multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary results from the Sloan Equity and Inclusion in STEM Introductory Courses (SEISMIC) collaboration, to argue that increasing the efficacy and equity of these courses requires structural change.

Key Resources

Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning

Creating accessible digital content allows everyone, including students with disabilities, to participate in the learning experience more fully.

Flexibility: What to consider in attendance policies

There are many types of attendance policies - use this guide to learn more about options and understand policies may impact students.

Teaching and Generative Artificial Intelligence like ChatGPT

This resource helps instructors think through how AI may (or may not) be used in their courses.

Flexibility: What to consider in late work policies

Late work policies depend on factors such as the discipline, course level, enrollment size, and instructor educational philosophy.

Timely Tools for Student Success

Key ways to support student success at points of time during the term.

Inclusive Course Checklist

This guide helps instructors make their courses more inclusive so they can better support the learning needs of all students.