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CEHS - Course Camp 2019

Strategies for Inclusive Excellence Online Learning Guide Teacher Connect Services

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Syllabus Review Guide for Equity-Minded Practice

In order to develop a course that is truly mindful of equity, it is essential to consider how the course syllabus may impact the way that students of differing backgrounds might interpret what is written.

Moving Forward with Equity

video-meeting-group(video-meeting)Tue-17-Aug This interactive workshop is designed to help you examine your courses from before and during the pandemic to identify the strongest aspects of each. You will reflect on elements such as your syllabus policies, assignments, and student interactions to ensure that your fall courses incorporate the ‘best of both worlds.'

Strategies for the First Day of Class

video-meeting-group(video-meeting)Mon-09-Aug In this workshop, you will learn research-based best practices for creating a first-day lesson plan. The session will also provide examples used by other faculty and guidance on developing activities for your own courses.

Teaching, Learning and Co-creation

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Nick Monk, CTT Director
There are significant benefits for students, faculty, staff, and the institution itself from co-creation activities. Students gain more agency and develop leadership skills. They also develop stronger connections to their departments and the University. For faculty, a significant benefit is that the deeper engagement of students in the design and content of their own education produces levels of commitment that are often reflected in higher grades and more interesting work. The sense of a shared purpose is heightened, and faculty frequently learn something new or encounter a different perspective, when working this way with students. For the institution, there are clear benefits in fostering belonging and retention, and for research institutions, there is an atmosphere created in which the whole campus is engaged in the drive to produce high-quality research, whilst at the same time linking pedagogy with research in a highly efficient way.


Examples of effective online teaching strategies at UNL

There are many ways to teach online and finding what works best for you and your students is often a mix of recommended best practices and techniques refined over time. This collection of examples shows how research-based instructional strategies have been implemented in online courses at UNL.

Spring 2021 Symposium Video Poster Sessions

The popular "speed sessions" where instructors share teaching strategies in short 5-minute presentations are in an online poster presentation format for this spring's symposium. Please browse the 'posters,' using the navigation options on the right side of the screen.

Essential Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources

These resources will help you build courses that are more inclusive of the diverse student body at UNL. We recommend starting with the Strategies and Practices for Inclusive Excellence page, which is an overarching guide to best practices for inclusive teaching. The other resources outline strategies to address specific challenges you may face in your courses.

Strategies and Practices for Inclusive Excellence

Use this guide to help you develop inclusive courses and create more welcoming and effective learning environments.

Proctoring Decision Tree

For the Fall 2020 semester, space in the DLC testing center will be limited and unable to accommodate prior years' usage levels. Consequently, DLC users may need to reconsider their use of the space and their assessment strategies. Instructors may want to choose alternative assessments, make use of online proctoring tools, reduce their use of the DLC center, or some mix of multiple options

Online Proctoring Software Comparison Chart

In addition to the Digital Learning Commons testing center, UNL currently provides three software products for online proctoring: Respondus Lockdown, Respondus Lockdown+Monitor, and ProctorU. Each provides different levels of monitoring.