Center for Transformative Teaching

Brace Hall was renovated in 2014. This photo shows the east entry - a simple substantial pair of oak doors.

December 12, 2020. Photo by Jordan Opp for University Communication.

Promoting inclusive, innovative, research-informed, & effective teaching

Center for Transformative Teaching

City campus begins to come alive as spring flowers and trees bloom. March 27, 2020. Photo by Craig Chandler / University Communication.
Crocuses blooming. Love Library in the background.

Latest News & Articles

Syllabus Review Guide for Equity-Minded Practice

In order to develop a course mindful of equity, consider revamping the course syllabus.

March Round Up

View upcoming opportunities, events, deadlines and news from the Center for Transformative Teaching.

Faculty to receive grant funding through CTT

Over a dozen faculty members are recent recipients of Teaching Grants which are offered to create transformative learning experiences that engage students.

Key Resources

Implementing Inclusive Excellence into Virtual Learning Environments

Explore resources and tips to continue teaching equitably and inclusively while in-person or online.

Accessibility Checklist

Use this checklist to improve accessibility in your courses and course materials. It covers links, images and videos, structure, tables, color and provides other resources.

Rethinking Assessment of Hands-On Learning

There is no way to replace the valuable experience that students get in a hands-on course environment, but there are alternatives

Interactive Lecture: Small Changes for Improved Engagement and Learning

Educational research has shown that students retain more course content when active learning techniques are correctly implemented in college courses.

Place-Based Learning and Outdoor Experiences

Place-based learning is an instructional approach that focuses on developing students’ sense of place and learning through exploring their environment.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources

These resources will help faculty build courses that are more inclusive of the diverse student body at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.