Center for Transformative Teaching

CEHS - Course Camp 2019

Leveraging Student Feedback: The Power of Formative Surveys

This workshop focuses on the attributes, logistics, and effective use of formative student surveys. Participants will learn how to create effective and useful surveys in Canvas and will be given time to work on building their own formative surveys while receiving help from instructional designers.

Key Resources for Fall 2020

As faculty prepare for their Fall courses, the following resources may be of interest. Each resource page has links to more related resources. If there is a particular topic or question that you have, please contact an instructional designer assigned to your college.

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy Tips

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy requires having an awareness of our students’ past and present experiences and the effects of those experiences on students’ well-being and their ability to engage with the materials and learn. We must be able to recognize trauma in ourselves and our students. We need to be intentional to promote safe environments that cultivate connectedness, empowerment, and recovery.

Director's Update: August 24, 2020

Nick Monk: Smiling man with brown hair and tailored blue jacket.
Nick Monk, CTT Director

As Nebraska’s Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience (UCARE) program celebrates the end of its summer session with a virtual showcase of student projects, and as the new academic year gets under way, it’s an ideal moment to consider the benefits of undergraduate research.

Not only does research provide great one-off opportunities for undergraduates – and the experience of UNL junior, Andrew Malesker, is a great example of this – it’s also a way to introduce active learning into the curriculum and to engage students from all kinds of backgrounds in meaningful ways. For me, as someone deeply committed to the belief that students should be provided with every opportunity to drive their own learning, it has unlimited potential as a pedagogy.


Online Proctoring Software Comparison Chart

In addition to the Digital Learning Commons testing center, UNL currently provides three software products for online proctoring: Respondus Lockdown, Respondus Lockdown+Monitor, and ProctorU. Each provides different levels of monitoring.

Planning for the first week of classes

The start of Fall 2020 will be radically different from previous years as will the manner in which courses are taught. This resource page aims to help faculty prepare for the first week of classes.

The CTT Guide for Online & Flexible Hybrid Teaching

Welcome to the Center for Transformative Teaching’s guide to getting started with online instruction. Whether your course is fully or partially online, this guide provides the essentials.

Teaching@UNL: A Comprehensive Resource

The Teaching @ UNL course in Canvas is designed for all UNL instructors--whether you are a graduate teaching assistant, a lecturer, a professor of practice, or a tenure-line faculty member.

Proctoring Decision Tree

For the Fall 2020 semester, space in the DLC testing center will be limited and unable to accommodate prior years' usage levels. Consequently, DLC users may need to reconsider their use of the space and their assessment strategies. Instructors may want to choose alternative assessments, make use of online proctoring tools, reduce their use of the DLC center, or some mix of multiple options

Implementing Inclusive Excellence into Virtual Learning Environments

This guide provides resources and tips for faculty to continue teaching in ways that are equitable and inclusive as they move to teach face-to-face classes online and in flexible hybrid modes.