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CTT Team

The mission of the Center for Transformative Teaching is to collaborate with educators across departments and programs to promote inclusive, innovative, research-informed, and effective teaching for all learners.

Nick Monk: Smiling man with brown hair and tailored blue jacket.

Nick Monk, PhD


(402) 472-4307

Beverly Russell: Smiling woman with shoulder-length reddish hair.

Beverly Russell

Associate Director

(402) 472-4358

Sydney Brown: Smiling woman with longish light brown hair.

Sydney Brown, PhD

Assistant Director

(402) 472-5204

Cheryl Griffith: Smiling woman with light brown hair.

Cheryl Griffith

Office Mgr & Proctor Services Coordinator

(402) 472-4356

Instructional Designers


Zach Manley, young man with short, auburn hair, dark glasses and a smart blazer

Zach Manley

Instructional Designer

(402) 472-4681

Education & Human Sciences

Smiling clean-shaven man.

Brian Wilson

Senior Instructional Designer, CEHS Team Lead

(402) 472-4355

Smiling woman with long auburn hair and teal top.

Julia Remsik Larsen

Instructional Designer

(402) 472-9844

smiling person with brown hair and smart glasses

Ash Mitchell, PhD

Instructional Designer

(402) 472-5464

Arts & Sciences

Eyde Olson: Smiling woman with curly auburn hair.

Eyde Olson

Senior Instructional Designer

(402) 472-5419

Smiling young woman with dark shoulder-length hair.

Yulia Levchenko, PhD

Instructional Designer

Nathan Pindell: Smiling young man with short dark hair.

Nate Pindell

Instructional Designer

(402) 472-4347


Yaoling Wang: Smiling woman with long dark hair.

Yaoling Wang

Instructional Designer (Omaha)

(402) 554-5971

Smiling woman with long dark hair and a bright pink jacket.

KristEn Nikolai

Instructional Designer

(402) 472-1279

Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources

Robert Vavala: Smiling clean-shaven man with glasses and a blue oxford shirt.

Robert Vavala

Senior Instructional Designer

(402) 472-0977

Young man with glasses and closely cropped brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard.

Steven Cain

Senior Instructional Designer

(402) 472-4349

Journalism, Architecture, and Fine & Performing Arts

Smiling young woman with closely cropped brown hair.

Amy Ort, PhD

Senior Instructional Designer

(402) 472-2596

University Honors Program & At-Large

Smiling young woman with brown curly hair

Grace Troupe

Instructional Designer, Honors

(402) 472-4321

Smiling woman with curly medium hair and classes

Danae Peterson

Instructional Designer, At-Large

(402) 472-4681