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CTT Team

The mission of the Center for Transformative Teaching is to collaborate with educators across departments and programs to promote inclusive, innovative, research-informed, and effective teaching for all learners.

Nick Monk: Smiling man with brown hair and tailored blue jacket.

Nick Monk, PhD


(402) 472-4307

Beverly Russell: Smiling woman with shoulder-length reddish hair.

Beverly Russell

Associate Director

(402) 472-4358

Sydney Brown: Smiling woman with longish light brown hair.

Sydney Brown, PhD

Assistant Director

(402) 472-5204

Cheryl Griffith: Smiling woman with light brown hair.

Cheryl Griffith

Office Mgr & Proctor Services Coordinator

(402) 472-4356

Instructional Designers

Instructional Designers support the mission of the CTT by providing teaching, course design, and related technology consultations to faculty for in-person, blended, and online learning environments. IDs work collaboratively with other team members to implement CTT priorities, programs, and initiatives and the CTT works closely with program, college, and other University units and partners on projects and programming that advance teaching innovation and excellence and support student success. If you are interested in becoming an instructional designer with the CTT, please let us know.


Zach Manley, young man with short, auburn hair, dark glasses and a smart blazer

Zach Manley

Instructional Designer

(402) 472-4681

Education & Human Sciences

Smiling clean-shaven man.

Brian Wilson

Senior Instructional Designer, CEHS Team Lead

(402) 472-4355

Smiling woman with long auburn hair and teal top.

Julia Remsik Larsen

Instructional Designer

(402) 472-9844

smiling person with brown hair and smart glasses

Ash Mitchell, PhD

Instructional Designer

(402) 472-5464

Arts & Sciences

Eyde Olson: Smiling woman with curly auburn hair.

Eyde Olson

Senior Instructional Designer

Please contact Yulia Levchenko

Smiling young woman with dark shoulder-length hair.

Yulia Levchenko, PhD

Instructional Designer

(402) 472-3191

Nathan Pindell: Smiling young man with short dark hair.

Nate Pindell

Instructional Designer

(402) 472-4347


Yaoling Wang: Smiling woman with long dark hair.

Yaoling Wang

Instructional Designer (Omaha)

(402) 554-5971

Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources

Robert Vavala: Smiling clean-shaven man with glasses and a blue oxford shirt.

Robert Vavala

Senior Instructional Designer

(402) 472-0977

Young man with glasses and closely cropped brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard.

Steven Cain

Senior Instructional Designer

(402) 472-4349

Journalism, Architecture, and Fine & Performing Arts

Smiling young woman with closely cropped brown hair.

Amy Ort, PhD

Senior Instructional Designer

(402) 472-2596

University Honors Program & At-Large

Smiling young woman with brown curly hair

Grace Troupe

Instructional Designer, Honors

(402) 472-4321

Smiling woman with curly medium hair and classes

Danae Peterson

Instructional Designer, At-Large

(402) 472-4681