STAR/OER Initiative

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Tips and Options to Increase Affordability:

  • Meet bookstore textbook ordering deadlines so that students are given the largest range of purchasing and pricing options. Choice decreases when textbooks are ordered after bookstore deadlines.
  • Work with your subject specialist librarian to see if your course books, or equivalents, are available as e-books that could be placed on reserve or to develop course packs from library-licensed materials.
  • Participate in the Inclusive Access program, which makes textbooks from a large number of publishers, predominately in e-textbook format, available to students at significant discounts and from the first day of class, eliminating delays and ensuring all students have access to course materials. Furthermore, student engagement data with the textbook and course materials will also be reflected in Canvas learning analytics.
  • Consider adopting, adapting, or creating your own Open Educational Resources (OER). The STAR team is available for consultation and to support your efforts. You may also want to consider applying for an OER Seed Grant (formerly Kelly Grant). See current and past grant projects for more information and to apply.

To learn more about participating in Inclusive Access or about the STAR initiative in general, contact Brad Severa, ITS (

Successful Teaching with Affordable Resources (STAR) is a campus initiative to decrease the cost of student education by making access to textbooks and course content more affordable. Since 2019, these efforts have saved students over $6 million. STAR leverages the resources of the Office of the Executive Vice-Chancellor, University Libraries, Information Technology Services, and the Center for Transformative Teaching.

Chart showing each colleges' percent of enrollment and the percent of savings secured through OER adoption.
The colleges of Arts & Sciences and Business make up a significant portion of the university's enrollment and the efforts made in these colleges to reduce costs through the use of affordable resources have contributed greatly to student savings since 2019.

Chart showing the amount of money saved by each college.
Amount of money saved by each college's affordable resource efforts.