CTT Advisory Board

The Center for Transformative Teaching Advisory Board helps to coordinate information sharing and collaboration with various groups across the University of Nebraska-Lincoln that provide support for teaching and learning and provides counsel and feedback to the CTT Director. The CTT Advisory Board includes instructors from all ranks as well as representatives from academic support units that support teaching and learning, such as college teaching centers, the Writing Center, Graduate Studies, first year experience and transition programs, academic learning technologies, libraries, and the Teaching Council.

  1. Serve as advocates and liaisons within their colleges and departments to further the CTT’s mission;
  2. Work with CTT staff to identify and help prioritize major campus teaching and learning, and academic support needs and opportunities;
  3. Assist in planning the fall teaching symposia, including identifying topics and speakers of interest to a broad university audience;
  4. Assist with long-term strategic planning for the CTT and its role within the University.

The CTT Advisory Board meets at least twice a semester during the academic year. Members serve on staggered, rotating terms. Members can be reappointed for additional terms.

2023 Members

Smiling man with tailored blue jacket.

Nick Monk, Director, Center for Transformative Teaching

Woman with shoulder-length brown hair.

Lisa Rohde, Associate Director, Teaching & Research Development, Graduate Studies

Woman with short dark gray hair.

Maria Marron, Professor, College of Journalism and Mass Communications

Woman with long dark hair.

Louise Lynch-O'Brien, Assistant Professor, Insect Biology, CASNR

Smiling young man with brown hair and a light blue oxford shirt.

Jay Jefferies, Graduate Teaching Assistant, CEHS

Young woman with long auburn hair.

Katie Mowat-Donesky, Graduate Student, College of Engineering

Woman with should-length red hair and a black sweater.

Jackie Mattingly, Associate Dean for Student Success of the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts

Man with brown hair and beard

Justin Olmanson, Associate Professor, Teaching, Learning & Teacher Education, College of Education and Human Sciences

Woman with wavy dark hair.

Rachel Azima, Associate Professor of Practice and Writing Center Director, English, College of Arts and Sciences

Man with curly brown collar-length hair.

Richard Graham, Professor, University Libraries, Courtesy Professor Of English

Woman with brown hair

Sarah Thomas Karle, Associate Professor and Interim Director of Landscape Architecture, College of Architecture

Man with short black hair.

Tareq Daher, Director, Engineering and Computing Education Core, College of Engineering

Faiza Hafeez, Graduate Student, Biological Sciences

Smiling young man.

Joe Atil, Academic Success Coach, Center for Academic Success and Transition

Brian Couch profile photo

Brian Couch, Associate Professor, Susan J. Rosowski Professorship, School of Biological Sciences

directory photo

Kirsten Morris, Graduate Student, Mathematics

Summer Liu, Senior, International Business

Michaela Pierson, Graduate Student, Educational Psychology

Michaela Pierson, Graduate Student, Educational Psychology

Woman with shoulder length blond hair.

Kate McCown, Director, Academic Technologies

Woman with shoulder length red hair.

Beverly Russell, Graduate Student, Mathematics

Woman with silver-blond hair.

Sydney Brown, Assistant Director, Center for Transformative Teaching