Teaching@UNL: A Comprehensive Resource

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Teaching@UNL is housed in a Canvas shell.

The Teaching@UNL course in Canvas is designed for all university instructors--whether you are a graduate teaching assistant, a lecturer, a professor of practice, or a tenure-line faculty member. If you are an instructor of record, you will see this course on your Canvas dashboard. If you are teaching and do not yet have Canvas access, please contact us. This 7-module course is designed to serve as both an initial orientation and an on-going resource for instructors.

  1. Getting Started: Includes information about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln supported technology, academic freedom and civility, and general information for graduate teaching assistants. 
  2. Designing Your Course and Syllabus: Includes information about syllabus and course design and information about ordering course materials
  3. Expectations, Policies, and Processes: Includes information about course evaluations, grading, attendance, exams, ACE courses, and Undergraduate Honors Contracts
  4. What should I do if?... Addressing Students' Needs: Includes information about working with students who have mental health concerns, need accommodations, need help with time management, students who are experiencing financial issues, students who have cheated, or information about what to do if a student reports any type of sexual misconduct under Title IX
  5. Student Resources and Programs: Includes information about academic support, well-being, financial, and legal resources as well as career, engagement, and co-curricular opportunities for students. 
  6. Classroom & Learning Spaces, Digital Exams & Safety Protocols: Includes information about learning spaces, the Digital Learning Center Exam Commons, and classroom safety protocols.
  7. Your Teaching Development: Includes information about teaching partners and resources at the university. 
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