Teaching & Learning Symposia

Teaching & Learning Symposia

The Teaching and Learning Symposiums are an opportunity to participate in teaching and learning conversations, to hear from experts on emerging issues, and to network with others seeking to improve teaching at UNL.

Spring 2021

In his keynote, Bryan Dewsbury will explore the unassailable connection between inclusive teaching practices and education as a general practice of freedom. Dewsbury will also discuss how to better design inclusive practies, look at equity in teaching, and more.

Fall 2020

Inclusivity on a college campus starts with small, human acts. What does it look like to do this kind of work online? How do we walk our virtual campuses to address accessibility concerns? Where do we hold the necessary town hall meetings to address hard questions about inclusivity? How do we connect students learning on-ground to students who can only learn online? Join Jesse Stommel, Ph.D. for his keynote: Start by Trusting Students: Active Learning and Inclusive Pedagogies in Moments of Crisis

Spring 2020

In her keynote, Jennifer Smith discussed ways in which small group discussion can be used as a flexible teaching tool supporting a variety of course, learner, and classroom goals. Breakout sessions included social engagement and discussion using Yellowdig, faculty development through faculty discussion, virtual exchange for global engagement, and a variety of techiques were presented in the speed session.

Fall 2019

Carl S. Moore gave the keynote, "Learning for the Future: Leveraging Lessons Learned to Empower Ourselves and the Learners We Serve." Concurrent sessions focused on OER, the Husker Student POWER Framework, 5-minute "small" teaching tips from faculty, and syllabus design.

Spring 2019

The College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Fellows headlined the Spring 2019 Symposium with a keynote address and several related breakout sessions. The Fellows presented research they conducted on their own courses and led the audience in an interactive discussion and real-time usage of the Teaching Goals Inventory, a tool they used to analyze, clarify and assess their teaching.

Fall 2018

Dr. Peggy Brickman, Professor of Plant Biology, University of Georgia, centered her interactive keynote on groupwork and collaboration. Breakout sessions included best practices for ACE assessment, information about Generation Z, how to effectively document effective teaching and student learning, and the popular speed session featuring tips and tricks used by UNL teacher to improve learning.

Spring 2018

The keynote speaker was Peter Felton, Assistant Provost for Teaching and Learning, Executive Director of the Center for Engaged Learning, Professor of History, Elon University. The focus of the symposium was on engaging students as partners in teaching and learning.

Fall 2017

Keynote speaker Michael Palmer, Director, Center for Teaching Excellence, Professor and Lecturer in Chemistry, University of Virginia explored three principles of effective course design that help students discover the value of their courses, recognize and appreciate the knowledge and skills they will learn, and learn to love the beauty that makes studying a discipline worthwhile.

Spring 2017

The focus of the Spring 2017 Symposium was on effective instructional strategies supporting student learning. The symposium content was grounded in two books -- Teaching for Learning: 101 Intentionally Designed Educational Activities to Put Students on the Path to Success and The New Science of Learning: How to Learn in Harmony with Your Brain, co-authored by the keynote speaker, Dr. Todd Zakrajsek.