Aspirational Teaching Institute

The Center for Transformative Teaching (CTT) at UNL is launching a customized Aspirational Teaching Institute (ATI) for the College of Education and Human Sciences (CEHS). The program builds on spring workshops covering topics like student-centered learning and inclusive teaching practices.

The ATI, tailored to meet the unique needs of CEHS educators, aims to integrate the insights and strategies from these initial workshops with additional interactive group sessions. This approach is designed to enhance the educational skills of CEHS educators, aligning with the CTT's goal of adapting to and addressing the evolving needs of different educational fields. The program represents a significant step in the CTT's efforts to provide targeted, effective teaching support and development.

Furthermore, the CTT envisions the ATI as a model that can be customized for other colleges or departments within the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This initiative demonstrates the CTT's commitment to creating versatile and adaptable educational programs that can meet the specific requirements of various academic disciplines.

Educators seeking more information about a customized ATI for their college or department are encouraged to visit Through the ATI and its associated initiatives, the CTT is dedicated to promoting teaching excellence and continuous professional development across the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.