Teacher Stories

Teacher Stories

University faculty use an array of effective instructional practices. In these articles, we take an in-depth look at a few of them. For more information or how you might use them in your course, contact us.

Students attend international conference

Christine Kiewra broadens students’ perspectives on early childhood education with an international community

Using creativity and humor to enhance learning

Injecting creativity into education has been a persistent challenge but Justine LaViolette found that a puppet can teach entomology.

Seminar creates community, better teachers

Dr. Josh Brummer and undergraduate learning assistants engaged in a semester-long course aimed at improving their understanding of effective teaching

More reps for better learning

Cal Garbin makes extensive use of large question banks to provide opportunities for his students to do enough reps that they develop invaluable skills

Geppert puts Canvas peer review to the test

John Geppert, professor of finance and director of assessment, believes peer review may offer a way to include more writing practice in more courses.

Rethinking your Syllabus: Specifications Grading

In specifications grading there are no points – just a two-level grading structure that would be categorized such as pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory.

Student participation is in the cards

An ingenious, low-tech approach to supporting verbal participation in large classes, Aaron Bronfman uses a card-based system to track participation.

Messersmith helps to develop students skills

Amber Messersmith gives students new options: using a blended mode and peer review in a large enrollment undergraduate writing course.

From lecture to active learning

Chad Brassil went from eight hours of class prep to recipient of the College Distinguished Teaching Award