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Monday, September 27

Behavioral Science and Social Systems

Sydney Houser, Junior

  • Reward-enhancement by the Smoking Cessation Drug Varenicline and its Interaction with Cotinine, the Primary Metabolite of Nicotine

Amy Hruby, Junior

  • Co-regulation of Cortisol and Salivary Alpha-amylase by Preschoolers and their Parents

Global Challenges of the Coming Decade

Luke Freyhof & Dilziba Kizghin, Juniors

  • The Effect of Zika Virus Peptide and how it can be used to Treat and Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Anjaneshwar Ganesan, Junior

  • Comparison of Computational Ghost Imaging to Regular Imaging Techniques

Tuesday, September 28

Health and Welfare

Mark Iradukunda, Senior

  • Influence of Fertilizer Rate on Swollen Stem Formation (“Bulbing”) and Vitamin C Content in Different Kohlrabi Cultivars

Laurene Lee, Senior

  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Welfare: GDP and Unemployment Analysis

Dignite Fabrice Ngango, Senior

  • Screening a Functional Library of Compounds against novel proteins using FAST-NMR


Kaitlyn Dozler, Senior

  • Evaluating the spatial ecology of white-tailed deer during the rifle hunting season in south-central Nebraska

Aime Christian Tuyishime, Senior

  • Artificial Intelligence in the Introduction of Cover Crops in Africa to Regenerate Soil

Science and Social Systems

Olivia Book & Carly Johnson, Seniors

  • Studying the likelihood of people of who stutter being at greater risk of mental health outcomes: A Meta-Analysis

Interdisciplinary Sustainable Practices

Ally Barry, Sophomore

  • Changes in Precipitation Across the Great Plains Using a Regional Climate Model

Himani Patel, Junior

  • Investigating the interplay of genetics and thermal stress on energy metabolism in invasive mollusk, the New Zealand mud snail Potamopyrgus antipodarum

Health and Wellbeing

Noha Algahimi, Senior

  • Gene Expression Analysis of Preeclampsia

Madeline Holland, Senior

  • Fostering Responsive Feeding Practices in the Family Childcare Home Setting through EAT Family Style

Food, Water and the Environment

Katie Bathke, Sophomore

  • The Biological Control of Bacterial Leaf Streak of Corn using Bacillus Subtilis and Bacillus Pumilus

Skyler Gubbels, Senior

  • Distribution, Intensity, and Pathogenicity of Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases in Nebraska, USA

Alexus Hansen, Senior

  • Effects of natural and anthropogenic high-salt environments on the common milkweed Asclepias syriaca

Elizabeth Schousek, Senior

  • Falcarindiol and Its Effectiveness as an Antifungal Agent

Social Change and Health

Sukaina Al-Hamedi, Sophomore

  • Understanding Colonization Dynamics of E. coli in Response to a Dietary Fiber Intervention for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Theresa Guss, Senior

  • Using an Artificial Neural Network to Determine the Degradation of Acetaldehyde in a Bioscrubber
Wednesday, September 29

Gender and Social Inequality

Lizzy Lavin, Senior

  • Impact of Campus Community Support on Student Survivors

Daniel Nguyen, Junior

  • The Impact of the Intersectionality of Race/Ethnicity and LGBTQ+ Identity on Well-Being

Health and Wellbeing

Sarah Altman, Junior

  • Utilizing Galvanotactic Assays for the Mechanical Separation of Metastatic Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Evelyn Estrada Gonzalez, Senior

  • Parent-child interaction and parenting efficacy: Investigating Support Strategies used by Teachers During Family Home Visits

Behavioral Science and Social Systems

Clarice Santos, Senior

  • Differences in Positive and Negative Affect among rural Persons Who Inject Drugs (PWID) in Puerto Rico who are in and out of Treatment.

Jessica Stump, Sophomore

  • Examining the Impact of Political Identification and Morality on Compliance with COVID-19 Public Health Recommendations

Poster Presentations

  • Elise Ackerman, Senior
  • Kinga Aletto, Senior
  • Hailey Anderson, Sophomore
  • Xuan Le, Senior
  • Joshua Magee, Senior
  • Ngoc Pham Thien Thao, Senior
  • Juan Silva, Freshman
  • Elinor Stanley, Sophomore
  • Andromede Uwase, Senior