STAR Initiative

STAR logo: Large red circle with Successful Teaching Affordable Resources in white text

Successful Teaching and Affordable Resources (STAR) is a new campus initiative to drive down the cost of student education by making access to textbooks and course content more affordable. STAR leverages the resources of the Offices of the Executive Vice-Chancellor, University Libraries, Information Technology Services, and Innovative Instructional Design.

STAR can help you reduce the cost of education in the following ways:

  • Provide you and your students access to high quality, peer-reviewed course, and academic materials.
  • Support your development, implementation, and licensing of affordable content into your curriculum.
  • Train you on ways to adopt, adapt, and author textbooks and other course content.

In Fall 2018, seven faculty and six graduate teaching assistants used the Kelly Grants to incorporate OER into their courses impacting 1,939 students and saving them an estimated $117,000.

To learn more about the STAR initiative or to apply for a seed grant to develop and use OER in your course, contact Brad Severa (