Course Mapping: Applying Backward Design to your Course Planning

July 7, 2020 | July Workshop Series

The goal of this workshop was to guide participants through the backward design process to ensure that each aspect of their course design aligned with their overall goals.

Before beginning the workshop, participants were asked to complete course mapping activities. After reviewing various backward design resources, participants then brainstormed about their course goals and objectives and identified assignments and learning materials that closely aligned with those objectives.

With materials in hand, participants met at the scheduled workshop time to discuss their course maps and offer feedback. Instructional designers from the Center for Transformative Teaching provided guidance and helped participants avoid common pitfalls of course planning.

Pre-workshop Agenda

  • Introduction 
  • Phase 1: Writing Course Goals 
  • Phase 2: Writing Student Learning Objectives 
  • Phase 3: Determining Assessment Strategies 
  • Phase 4: Student Learning Experiences 

Pre-workshop Presentation

View the pre-workshop presentation videos on Canvas with closed captioning available.