Fall 2020

Fall 2020 face-to-face classes were taught in a modified hyflex manner to accommodate Covid-19 requirements such as social-distancing and quarantining.

Lessons Learned from the Fall

1-19-21 This workshop presented data collected from the students that visited CAST this fall to help faculty and staff better understand the challenges that students were facing.

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy Tips

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy requires having an awareness of our students’ experiences and the effects of those experiences on students’ ability to learn.

Strategies for Faculty Efficiency: Grading and Time Management

7-31-20 Participants learned how to decrease time spent on grading such as developing useful rubrics and keeping a list of frequent comments.

Teaching in a Flexible Hybrid Classroom

7-30-20 This interactive workshop identified which aspects of a course are best delivered online versus in the classroom.

Remotely Facilitating an In-Person Course

7-29-20 This interactive workshop provided strategies for promoting an engaging instructor presence and maintaining student interest without being physically present in the classroom.

Designing Your Course: Showcasing the CAS Flexible Course Models

7-27-20 Faculty visualized strategies to design courses and meet the demands of the fall 2020 semester.

Having a great first week online

7-23-20 This workshop helped faculty teaching face-to-face/hybrid courses and focused on making the best use of this time to prepare students.

Maintaining Student Motivation and Interest in Online and Hybrid Courses

7-22-20 This webinar taught strategies for assessing student interest and helping students stay motivated online.

Using Zoom to Facilitate a Hybrid Course

7-21-20 This workshop gave detailed instructions on the different settings and functions available in Zoom.

Creating a Sense of Community in Your Online or Hybrid Course

7-20-20 This workshop helped instructors create a sense of community in their online courses and gave guidance on making sure students feel connected.

Building an Inclusive Classroom

7-17-20 This workshop shared several strategies to model inclusivity and establish a respectful and supportive classroom culture.

Building a Better Container: Accessibility, Access, and Universal Design

7-16-20 The goal of this workshop was to provide faculty with an overview of the interrelationship between accessibility and Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Moving Beyond Exams

7-14-20 This webinar discussed how the use of alternative assessments can foster unique experiences and a conducive environment for academic growth.

10/11 News features UNL teaching innovation

Instructors at the university got an idea of what the fall semester may look like as many courses will be taught in a flexible hybrid format

Essentials for Getting Started

7-14-20 Instructors were provided with strategies that have a significant impact on online learning, especially for the first week of classes.

Facilitating Group Work in an Online or Hybrid Classroom

7-13-20 The workshop discussed the benefits of formal and informal group work, the challenges it presents and best practices for coordinating successful collaborative experiences.

Academic Integrity and Assessment Workshop

7-10-20 Participants gained a greater understanding of their colleagues' experiences with academic integrity and assessment.

Teaching Strategies that Increase Instructor-Student Connection

7-9-20 Participants were challenged to consider pedagogical methods to enhance the learning environment, and to partner with students to empower learning.

Pivot Game

7-8-20 This workshop required attendees to rethink existing learning activities from their own in-person teaching.

Brassil uses new methods and tools for teaching students online

Chad Brassil is rising to the occasion when it comes to remote instruction with a little help from YouTube, the CTT and a learning glass.

Course Mapping: Applying Backward Design to your Course Planning

7-7-20 Participants were guided through the backward design process to ensure their course design aligned with their overall goals.

Anti-Perfectionism: How to Roll with the Punches During a Pandemic

7-6-20 This session began by providing a few “anti-perfectionist” teaching strategies that involve figuring out when a teaching goal matters.

Planning for the first week of classes

This resource page aims to help faculty prepare for the first week of classes.

Flexible Hybrid Model for Fall 2020 Teaching and Learning

Given the challenges face-to-face learning presents in the fall it is important to create a broad framework that allows the university to be prepared.

The CTT Guide for Online & Flexible Hybrid Teaching

Welcome to the Center for Transformative Teaching’s guide to getting started with online instruction

Key Resources for Fall 2020

As faculty prepare for their courses, the following resources may be of interest - each resource page has links to more related resources.