Lessons Learned from the Fall

January 19, 2021

The fall semester presented a range of new experiences for everyone at the university. During this time of transition, Lori Romano, director of the Center for Academic Success & Transition (CAST), noticed that many students seemed to be struggling with similar problems like confusion over course formats, perceived increases in course expectations, and difficulty with time management. Similarly, the instructional designers at the Center for Transformative Teaching noticed that faculty were dealing with an increase in student emails and overall workload. In response to these challenges, CAST, the CTT, and the College of Arts and Sciences are working collaboratively to develop resources for both faculty and students.

This workshop began with Lori Romano presenting data collected from the students that visited CAST this fall to help faculty and staff better understand the challenges that students were facing. The instructional designers then offered practical solutions for faculty to help better mitigate those challenges. The suggestions are designed to be simple things that will improve the learning experience for students while also helping decrease faculty workload. Participants left with a checklist of best practices for developing a spring Canvas course.


  • Lori Romano, director of Center for Academic Success and Transition (CAST)
  • Amy Ort, instructional designer at the Center for Transformative Teaching
  • Eyde Olson, instructional designer at the Center for Transformative Teaching

Post-Workshop Archive