Teaching with Technology

Learning Analytics: Course Insights

ODI at the Union Plaza with activities, treats, and to learn more about the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Mar 8 | Join the Learning Analytics: Course Insights workshop for an opportunity to dive into the data provided in the Course Insights dashboards to better identify and understand equity gaps in your courses. A brief, asynchronous pre-workshop module will be offered in Bridge that covers learning analytics and Course Insights.

AI Petting Zoo: Introduction and Hands-On Work with Artificial Intelligence

Supercomputers Red and Sand Hills in the Schorr Center.

Feb 23 | Learn basic artificial intelligence information to detailed examples of specific types that exist and how these may impact you now and in the future in both challenging and terrific ways.

At Scale: Use Technology Intentionally

Using new, or different technologies in your class may bring a learning curve for you and your students, the potential for additional financial costs, and a variety of other challenges. However, when selected with care and purpose and implemented throughtfully, technology can help you with the heavy lifting involved with teaching a large group of students; it might help get students more engaged with lessons; and it might help you provide better support to students who need it.

What is Generative Artificial Intelligence?

Generative Artificial Intelligence is a program that can create “new” content by using and referencing existing material.

How to Explore ChatGPT

A guide to getting to know ChatGPT and what one might do with it.

Classroom Implications

Generative AI may impact the workflow of both students and instructors.

Impact on Assessment Practices

As you explore various generative AI tools, you’ll notice that they are more successful with some aspects of writing than others.


In this guide, we have detailed the responses that we think will be most helpful in responding to this tool. This section includes some additional questions you might have.

Practice/Application Problems

Practice or application problems can help students understand and retain information on a topic longer than passively listening to a lecture.

Response technology (Clicker Questions)

Classroom response systems are designed to have students use specific devices to send responses to questions posed by the instructor during a lecture.

Teaching with Technology Tip Sheet

Browse our weekly IT Tips which focus on academic technology services including Zoom, Yuja, Canvas, the Digital Learning Center, EvaluationKit, and iClickers.

Lessons Learned from the Fall

1-19-21 This workshop presented data collected from the students that visited CAST this fall to help faculty and staff better understand the challenges that students were facing.

10/11 News features UNL teaching innovation

Instructors at the university got an idea of what the fall semester may look like as many courses will be taught in a flexible hybrid format

Brassil uses new methods and tools for teaching students online

Chad Brassil is rising to the occasion when it comes to remote instruction with a little help from YouTube, the CTT and a learning glass.

Planning for the first week of classes

This resource page aims to help faculty prepare for the first week of classes.

Give Light Board a Try

The Learning and Emerging Technologies team designed and built a Light Board to make a face-to-face presentation platform to use for recordings and lectures

Messersmith helps to develop students skills

Amber Messersmith gives students new options: using a blended mode and peer review in a large enrollment undergraduate writing course.

Redesigning for large enrollment

Faced with an enrollment jumped from 30 to 95, Martha Mamo launched a redesign of her course.

Subbiah increases student engagement

Jeyam Subbiah increases student engagement with flipped course design, active learning strategies, and screen capture technology.

Questions Around the Ethical Use of AI in the Classroom

For anyone considering asking students to use generative AI as a required part of a course, it is vital to consider what such experimentation actually means for students and for the companies that offer access to these technologies.

Crafting Rubrics and Resources with Generative A.I.

This tutorial illustrates how to use prompts in sequence to create helpful resources such as rubrics and tabular data.

ChatGPT as a Feedback Assistant

This fall, Brian Wilson tested ChatGPT4 as a feedback assistant. He equipped it with his rubric and found it helped him give the kind of robust feedback he always aspires to but doesn’t always achieve because of the number of students.

Scheduling face-to-face & online sessions using Canvas Scheduler

Instructors need a good way to know who will be online or in the classroom. One tool that addresses this problem rather neatly is the Canvas Calendar.

ChatGPT: a game changer for managing discussions

In this article, I share how ChatGPT helps me stay on top of lively discussions, respond quickly to problematic posts, and personalize feedback.

UNL Instructors Fairclough and Bauer discuss their use of AI in class

During the CTT's AI Learning Community during Fall 2023, Samantha Fairclough and Erin Bauer shared how they've started using AI in their classes.