Scheduling face-to-face & online sessions using Canvas Scheduler

One of the challenges this fall will be reduced classroom capacity such that in many courses, all students may not be able to attend in-person on the same days and maintain social distancing requirements.  Consequently, instructors need a good way to know who will be online and who will be in the classroom.  One tool that addresses this problem rather neatly is the Canvas Calendar. Instructors can create appointments that allow a set number of students to sign up.  By creating these appointments for class time and/or Zoom sessions, instructors may easily message students in a specific appointment and know which students will be where on class days. Before setting up appointments and designating a number of allowed students, instructors may want to ask students to message them if they need to always be face-to-face or online for a specific reason. In this way, instructors could be sure to have room for those students in the designated mode. 

The following tutorial from UNL Academic Technologies shows how to set up the appointments and what it is like for students to sign up.