Teaching Strategies and Techniques

Teaching Strategies and Techniques resources.

Interactive Lecture: Small Changes for Improved Engagement and Learning

Educational research has shown that students retain more course content when active learning techniques are correctly implemented in college courses.

Place-Based Learning and Outdoor Experiences

Place-based learning is an instructional approach that focuses on developing students’ sense of place and learning through exploring their environment.

Faculty to receive grant funding through CTT

Over a dozen faculty members are recent recipients of Teaching Grants which are offered to create transformative learning experiences that engage students.

Engaging Environmental Justice through Art Objects

8-16-21 This interactive workshop invites faculty to broaden class discussion strategies by looking at ecology and sustainability through the lens of art.

Using creativity and humor to enhance learning

Injecting creativity into education has been a persistent challenge but Justine LaViolette found that a puppet can teach entomology.

Aspirational Teaching: Fostering Co-Creation in Our Classrooms

5-10-21 This workshop gave instructors examples of different approaches for implementing co-creation within their classrooms.

Scaffold final projects to improve learning

Learned from featured instructor Leah Sandall about how to use the scaffolding technique in teaching

Developing an Undergraduate Learning Assistant Program

3-29-21 Participants learned how to establish and manage an undergraduate teaching assistant program to support the needs of their course or program.

Implementing Student Choice within an Assignment

Potential benefits of offering student choice include enhancing student engagement and encouraging students to approach assignments as a process of discovery.

How to Help Your First-Generation Students Succeed

First-generation students often lack the parental guidance and prior knowledge about how to succeed in college that many of their peers enjoy.

10/11 News features UNL teaching innovation

Instructors at the university got an idea of what the fall semester may look like as many courses will be taught in a flexible hybrid format

Brassil uses new methods and tools for teaching students online

Chad Brassil is rising to the occasion when it comes to remote instruction with a little help from YouTube, the CTT and a learning glass.

Give Light Board a Try

The Learning and Emerging Technologies team designed and built a Light Board to make a face-to-face presentation platform to use for recordings and lectures

Scheduling face-to-face & online sessions using Canvas Scheduler

Instructors need a good way to know who will be online or in the classroom. One tool that addresses this problem rather neatly is the Canvas Calendar.

Spring 2021 Teaching and Learning Symposium

Keynote Bryan Dewsbury discussed the unassailable connection between inclusive teaching practices and education as a general practice of freedom.

Learning Communities

Philosophies, strategies, and technologies involved in teaching & learning can all evolve over time. Instructor learning communities provide an avenue to explore and discuss these timely topics.