Maintaining Student Motivation and Interest in Online and Hybrid Courses

July 22, 2020 | July Workshop Series

Fostering student motivation can be more challenging in online and hybrid courses than in a face-to-face environment. When you can’t see body language or facial expressions, it becomes difficult to gauge student interest and understanding of the material. Students may also be less likely to ask questions when they need help. These faulty perceptions are matched by student reports, show that students are often less motivated in online than in face-to-face courses. In this webinar, participants learned strategies for assessing student interest and helping students stay motivated online. This webinar also went over strategies within Canvas to notice and respond when students begin to lose engagement.


  • Welcome
  • Setting the Table​
  • Five Principles for Maintaining Interest and Motivation​
  • Smalls Steps You Can Take
  • Opportunity for Questions or Comments