Designing Your Course: Showcasing the CAS Flexible Course Models

July 27, 2020 | July Workshop Series


  • Eyde Olson, instructional designer, CTT
  • Robert Vavala, instructional designer, CTT
  • David Harwood, professor and Stout chair in geology
  • Kathy Castle, associate professor of communication studies
  • Manda Williamson, associate professor of psychology
  • Katherine Nashleanas, professor of geography

This workshop helped faculty visualize strategies that can be used to design courses to meet the demands of the fall 2020 semester. Faculty from the Arts & Sciences shared examples from their courses that implement the CAS Flexible Course Models. Participants saw a mix of both synchronous and asynchronous components. David Harwood presented the In-Person Leading model, Kathy Castle presented the model on Interconnected Tracks, Manda Williamson on Parallel Tracks, and Katherine Nashleanas presented the Online Leading model. Although these four models are from the CAS Approaches to Fall Course Delivery, they offered ideas for all instructors.


Kathy Castle: Interconnected Tracks

Kathy Castle: Support Resources

David Harwood: In-Person Leading

Katherine Nashleanas: Online Leading

Katherine Nashleanas: Online Leading Model

Manda Williamson: Parallel Tracks