Feedback Culture: Making it Work


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December 10, 2019

This workshop will helped reevaluate the process of gathering and responding to student feedback in order to promote student success and to complement the new course evaluation metrics. By gathering informal feedback throughout the semester you can ensure that your teaching practices are effectively connecting with your students. We discussed the implications of the new evaluation practices and share some strategies to help you foster a culture of collaboration, empathy, support, and exploration in classes. Developing this type of classroom culture may positively impact the following new evaluation metrics:

  • Students feel welcome and respected.
  • Students are invited to be an active participant in their learning.
  • Students have opportunities to learn with and from other students in the course.
  • Feedback students receive on their work is useful to them for making changes and improvements.
  • Students find communication with their instructor effectively supports their learning.

We also unveiled a set of classroom culture conversation cards to help your students consider their role in the educational process and provide you with insights to keep students at the center of your teaching reflections. Attendees had an opportunity to provide feedback on this new resource being developed by the CTT and were the first to receive a professionally printed copy.


  • Dr. Amanda Gonzales, Seacrest Teaching Fellow, Assistant Professor of Accounting
  • Samantha Kaus, Undergraduate, College of Business Teaching & Learning Center Accounting Tutor
  • Steven Cain, Instructional Designer, Center for Transformative Teaching