The CTT and its partners provide opportunities to learn about specific pedagogical interventions, new technologies to support teaching, and to engage in lively discussions of effective pedagogy with colleagues from across the disciplines. We create workshops for the campus as a whole and also customize workshops for colleges and departments. Contact us for more information and check our calendar for upcoming workshops.

Infusion of Sustainability and Resilience into Curriculum

Workshop participants will use student-centered pedagogy to integrate sustainability and resilience concepts into curricular experiences, earning a small stipend upon successful completion of the program. The workshops will be used to create curricular materials that will include assessment rubrics. Materials will be deployed in Fall 2022 courses. Application deadline: January 22, 2022.


Many of our past workshops provide resources referenced or used in the session. If you would like us to customize one of these workshops for a specific department or other group, please contact Eric French at

Striving for Equity in Education

circle-people(business)Tue-11-Jan In this 90-minute, discussion-centered workshop we will share some key principles and strategies of inclusive teaching, but will also ask you to discuss with peers and review your own materials through this lens.

Teaching Philosophy: Finding Your Why

share-heart(vote-rewards)Wed-12-Jan This 90-minute, discussion-focused workshop will help participants consider what aspects of teaching they're most passionate about to write or revise a teaching philosophy.

Course Mapping

map-treasure(places)Thur-13-Jan This four-hour, highly interactive workshop will walk participants through the backward design process from writing course goals all the way up to brainstorming learning experiences.

ACE Integrated Design Workshop

2019 The CTT and Patty Sollars, Director of Undergraduate Education Programs presented two workshops guiding you through the ACE process.

An Introduction to Backward Design

flip-up(design-actions)10-7-21 In this workshop, participants learned about the basic components of backward design and how it can help ensure alignment between course goals and assessments.

Encouraging Integrity: Using course design to create an anti-cheating classroom culture

file-favorite-star-2(basic)Tues-16-Nov This session aims to explore the reasons students cheat, and to provide strategies for building a classroom culture of learning through course design and harnessing students' intrinsic motivation.

How to Support Engaging and Thoughtful Discussions Online

7-24-20 This workshop helped participants with online discussions that also included demonstrations of Yellowdig and Canvas discussion platform.

Moving Forward with Equity

account-group-1(users)7-17-21 Participants examined courses from before and during the pandemic to identify the strongest aspects of each.

Finding and Implementing OERs

hand-tablet(smart-devices)11-2-21 This workshop was beneficial for instructors interested in alternatives to or supplements for current textbooks.

Feedback Culture: Making it Work

12-1-19 This workshop examined the process of gathering and responding to student feedback in order to promote student success and to complement new course evaluation metrics.

Facilitating Group Work in an Online or Hybrid Classroom

7-13-20 The workshop discussed the benefits of formal and informal group work, the challenges it presents and best practices for coordinating successful collaborative experiences.

Teaching Strategies that Increase Instructor-Student Connection

7-9-20 Participants were challenged to consider pedagogical methods to enhance the learning environment, and to partner with students to empower learning.