The CTT and its partners provide opportunities to learn about specific pedagogical interventions, new technologies to support teaching, and to engage in lively discussions of effective pedagogy with colleagues from across the disciplines. We create workshops for the campus as a whole and also customize workshops for colleges and departments. Contact us for more information.

Developing an Inclusive Syllabus

Class preparation materials on a desk

Apr. 19 | Engage in peer review to revise the tone of your syllabus and you will revise a policy to include more equity considerations.

Small Things, Big Impact: Setting the Stage for the Semester

Assistant Professor Seth Polsley holds class outdoors of the Kauffman Academic Residential Center.

May 3 | Learn pedagogical strategies and Canvas design features which can be implemented by instructors before and during the first week of class.


Many of our past workshops provide resources referenced or used in the session. If you would like us to customize one of these workshops for a specific department or other group, please contact the CTT at or an instructional designer assigned to your college.

Navigating Challenging Conversations in the Classroom

Apr. 5 | Learn ideas for creating discussion guidelines for respecting a wide range of perspectives and experiences, as well as practices for class discussions that stretch student thinking and support all students’ learning.

Supporting International Students’ Academic Success Spring 2024

Herbie Husker and UNL international students fly the flags of various countries.

Feb. 6, Mar. 5, Apr. 2 | Learn how instructors can best utilize the strengths of international students and help them be successful in the classroom.

Supporting Diverse Student Populations

Chemistry 110. First day of classes.

Mar. 22 | In this workshop you will learn about the unique educational needs that diverse groups of students tend to have and strategies for how to best meet their needs in the classroom.

Learning Analytics: Course Insights

ODI at the Union Plaza with activities, treats, and to learn more about the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Mar 8 | Join the Learning Analytics: Course Insights workshop for an opportunity to dive into the data provided in the Course Insights dashboards to better identify and understand equity gaps in your courses. A brief, asynchronous pre-workshop module will be offered in Bridge that covers learning analytics and Course Insights.

Sarah Rose Cavanagh: Hope in a Time of Monsters

March 1, 2024

Dr. Sarah Rose Cavanagh, author of the book Mind Over Monsters: Supporting Youth Mental Health With Compassionate Challenge spoke with a group of instructors as part of the CASNR Teaching & Learning Improvement Council's Spring Symposium, co-sponsored by the Center for Transformative Teaching. Below you can view the recording of her session and explore the supplemental materials that were shared.

Alternative Grading: Focus on Competencies

Isabel Safarik teaches asection of Math 106, Calculus 1.

Feb. 26 | Explore the possibilities of a competency-based grading system with examples Anna Hiatt.