Director's Update for March 2020

Nick Monk: Smiling man with brown hair and tailored blue jacket.
Nick Monk, CTT Director

Hello everyone in our teaching and learning community! At the CTT we’re always keen to engage with instructors, students, staff, and anyone else who wants to be part of the mission to ensure our students succeed. And this has certainly been a week in which our capacity to support instructors and students in innovative ways has been tested to the full! Taking a university the size of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to 100% remote teaching and learning is an extraordinary challenge, not just for us, but for the many other tireless teams of individuals across the institution.

We have, however, made a start. We began with Keep Teaching, a quick start guide for remote teaching, and Keep Learning, a quick start guide for students. We soon found that one of the most significant concerns for instructors and students was assessment, so we produced both a general assessment guide and also a guide to hands-on learning for those wanting to assess lab work, or performance, or music. In addition we have designed a week-long Keep Teaching mini-course, which will start on Monday the 23rd, and in which instructors will learn about communication, organization, delivering content, fostering engagement, and assessing learning in a remote environment. We have created moderated forums for faculty to share ideas in our course, Teaching at the university which, if you are an instructor, will be available to you on Canvas.

None of this could have happened without a committed, resourceful, and tireless team. Nor could we have succeeded in creating and distributing these resources without the colleges and departments, other who have been brilliant in partnering on workshops, supplementing materials, and sharing the materials and messages we have available. Our collaborations, too, with IT services have been essential, and have helped us to act quickly and efficiently.

Finally for today, please do contact me or any of our instructional designers should you require any support during this difficult and busy period. We’ll try to help, and if we can’t we’ll send you to someone who can.

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