Using text expansion tools to enrich feedback

Feedback is essential to student learning. In this video, Brian Wilson, an instructional designer who also teaches online, demonstrates how he uses PhraseExpress to build a database of comments and references to support resources and then quickly inserts them with a few keystrokes.

Leveraging Student Feedback: The Power of Formative Surveys

9-29-20 This workshop focuses on the attributes, logistics, and effective use of formative student surveys.

Small Teaching Strategies

Small teaching strategies are little things that can have a big impact on learning. University faculty present a variety of techniques they use in 5-minute speed sessions at Teaching & Learning symposia.

Geppert puts Canvas Peer Review to the test

John Geppert, professor of finance and director of assessment, believes peer review may offer a way to include more writing practice in more courses.

Active learning strategies in Mathematics

The university mathematics department has been working to radically redesign its first-year mathematics courses. Current efforts have yielded an 80% success rate.