Reflective Practitioner Program

Advancing Inclusive Teaching, Celebrating Innovation, and Building Community

Reflective Practitioner Program

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Fostering high-caliber teaching continues to be a priority for the university. Many instructors across our institution are already deeply committed to advancing the practice of teaching, but, because this work is unique and personal, it is been difficult for deans and department chairs to recognize and celebrate it in a formal way. The Reflective Practitioner Program (RPP) seeks to encourage, recognize, and reward professional development and community building in teaching and learning at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The various activities throughout the program aim to foster five key competencies:

  •  Ensuring Equitable Outcomes and Supporting the Lifelong Learner
  •  Creating an Inclusive and Effective Learning Environment
  •  Designing Appropriate Learning Experiences
  •  Assessing Student Learning
  •  Committing to a Culture of Collaboration in Teaching

Why Join Our Program

The RPP provides a comprehensive program through which you can further develop your teaching. Along with cultivating programming to support your development, the following incentives are available:


Title of Recognition


Exclusive Teaching Grant Eligibility


Teaching Network

In addition, we also recommend you have a brief conversation with your department chair or dean about how participation in this program might factor into other formal review processes.

A Program for Teaching Professionals

The RPP is  designed  for University of Nebraska-Lincoln  instructors who  wish to maintain a record of growth and development in their professional  teaching and learning  activity. This includes  tenured faculty, untenured faculty,  professors of practice,  lecturers,  graduate teaching assistants  and anyone else contracted to teach at the  university. The program is broken down into two levels:

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Reflective Practitioners gain exposure to a variety of teaching strategies and spend time reflecting on the efficacy of personal strategies. Requirements for this level of the program are all contained within the Reflective Practitioner Passport, a part of the new Teaching Planner.

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Rather than broadening general pedagogical knowledge, CTT Ambassadors will be expected to share their expertise with other educators across the university by leading learning communities, writing blog posts, conducting workshops, and other various activities.

What Activities Are Included?


Peer Observations of Teaching


Teaching & Learning Workshops


Teaching Support Network


Instructor Development Portfolio


Learning Communities


Annual Retreat

Read more about these activities, including which ones are associated with each tier of the program, on the RPP Program Details page.

Reflective Practitioner Program

Sign Up and Stay Informed

For the '22-'23 academic year, the Reflective Practitioner tier of the program will not require registration. Individuals interested in having their development recognized can reflect on activities in the Reflective Practitioner Passport (a component of the CTT Teaching Planner) and have it validated by a member of the CTT. Use the form below to request a planner, to receive regular reminders about the RPP, or to let us know if you're interested in becoming a CTT Ambassador.

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